The mission of the Department of Information Management is to develop integrated professional talents, through theoretical education and practical training of the information management, who will be capable of thinking creatively, solving organizational problems, building team cooperation, and expanding the global vision and eventually enrich the society.


  1. Pursue the academic and professional excellence of faculty members: faculty is encouraged not only in academic research, but also industry-academia cooperation, in order to promote research achievements and build up practical experiences.

  2. Enhance the theoretical and practical education of students: students are exposed in an environment of both theoretical knowledge learning and professional technique practicing for later pursuit of higher degrees or participation in industry.

  3. Develop creative thinking and problem solving capability of students: Through academic, vocational, and other extracurricular activities, students are cultivated with creative thinking in multi-faceted views and problem solving capabilities.

  4. Emphasize the team spirit of students: through the activities of groups, classes, and society, students are encouraged to participate or take lead in academic, vocational, and other extracurricular activities or assignments for promoting the building up of team spirit .

  5. Expand the global vision: students are expanded in global view and vision through the internationalized curriculum contents and teaching in English.


    Information Management (IM) Department was one of the earliest Information Management departments in Taiwan. IM provides students up-to-date course content, enthusiastic teaching, a range of internship institutions and outstanding preparation for future employment. The goals of IM focus on both technology and management. The features of IM are summarized below:
  1. Focus on applications development of Information Technology for industry needs

  2. Integration of Information Technology and Management skills supported by up-to-date software and hardware

  3. Promotion of students to achieve outstanding performances in national competitions

  4. Graduates always favored by industry due to strong technology skills


  • Research center
    • KM and Virtual learning center
    • ERP research center
    • Clouding research center
    • Business intelligent center
  • SoftWare
    • Oracle DB
    • SAS(Data mining)
    • SAP ERP
    • EC framework
    • Logical decision
    • Visual Studio ......
  • Research direction
    • Big Data
    • Virtual Reality
    • FinTech

Future Prospects for Graduates

  • Application Engineer
  • Software engineer
  • System analyst
  • Software test engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Web designer
  • EC engineer
  • Network security consultant
  • DBA
  • EC manager
  • Project manager
  • Multimedia engineer, Multimedia designer
  • Study
  • Information management graduate program
  • MBA
  • Information Engineering graduate program