Overview of our History

     In the information era, information has become an important resource in the administration and development of business. As a result, the introduction of information systems has become an essential survival tool for organizations when they face the critically competitive environment. However, the training and perception of the management do not generally overlap with that of information technology professionals. Consequently, information systems merely automate some manual business processes to enhance work efficiency, but neglect the interactive relationship among tasks, business processes, and people in organizations. Information management has arisen accordingly and become an important field to integrate computer sciences, management, and organizational behavior, etc. Information management professionals start to play a necessary role in organizations, who are capable of not only technology skills, but also management and communications skills to solve organizational problems.

     Ming Chuan University established the < Information Management Department > to meet the needs of society when it was promoted as a four-year management institute in 1990. The predecessor of this department was the < Computer Science Department of Ming Chuan College > established in 1969 and later changed to the Department of Information Management in 1991. Ming Chuan was one of the earliest colleges in Taiwan offering computer science education and has been cultivating information technology professionals for many years.

First Department Chair was Mr. Fen Guang-Ling (August 1969 to July 1974).
Second Department Chair was Mr. Huang Ke-Dong (August 1975 to July 1985).
Third Department Chair was Dr. Shen Pei-Di (August 1986 to July 1989).

Information Management Department:
First Department Chair was Mr. Niu Ze-Cheng (August 1990 to July 1991).
Second Department Chair was Mr. Lee Hsuan-Shih (August 1992 to July 1993).
Third Department Chair was Mr. Ho Tsu-Feng (August 1993 to July 1999).
Fourth Department Chair was Ms. Shen Pei-Di (August 1999 to July 2001).
Fifth Department Chair was Mr. Lu Jun-Cheng (August 2001 to July 2003).
Sixth Department Chair was Ms. Cheng, Yi-Ping (August 2003 to July 2006).
Seventh Department Chair is Mr. Lin, Jyh-Jong (August 2006 to July 2016).
Eighth Department Chair is Mr. Lee, Yung-Sun (August 2016 to July 2021).
Present Department Chair is Mr. Lin, Jyh-Jong (August 2021 to present).